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4,000,000 tons were mined. The output of this kind of coal is increasing for use in making steam and similar purposes, a large proportion being made into briquette's. The ore production is small, being only 16,580 tons in 1899. There are some scattered blast furnaces which made 153,000 tons of iron during the year. The district is important as a steel maker on account of the works at Bothe Erde, on the outskirts of Aachen. This plant makes no pig-iron at its works, but operates five furnaces at Esch in Luxemburg, all the pig-iron going to Eothe Erde for remelting. There are three basic converters of 15 tons each, which made 287,000 tons in the year 1902, or 8000 tons per month for each vessel. There are also three open-hearth furnaces of 25 tons capacity. The Rothe Erde works are progressive and have an extensive system of cranes, commanding their storage and shipping yards, quite unusual in foreign works and not at all common in American plants. A conspicuous feature is a high crane covering traveling cranes of ordinary height and span and transferring material or even the smaller and lower cranes themselves.
SEC. XXIVg.—Ilsede and Peine:
In the southeast corner of the province of Hannover, between the towns of Hannover and Brunswick, is a deposit of brown iron ore mined by open cut, the bed varying from 6 to 41 feet in thickness.
TABLE XXIV-J. Composition of Ilsede Ores.
(Wedding: EtsenMitten Kuude; 1897, Zweite; p. 33.)'
	Aluminous.	Calcareous.	Washed Ore.	Phosphoric.
Fe.,0- ..............	58.26	44,16	62 73	16.41
MnO ...............	7.31	4. 72	B.26	1.00
SiO- ...............	10.70	8.90	4.87	3.09
Al-O ...............	4.76	1.00	1.02	1.16
cab. I....;.......	5.09	21.61	8-90	81.50
MgO ....... ........	0.44			0.91
p o, ...............	2 46	2. is	4.08	25 96
IiaO+COa   ...... .	10.98	82,46	18.14	19.97
Total ...........	100.00	100.00	10000	•iOO.OO
Metallic Iron. wet.	40.8	30.9	31.3	11.5
The composition is given in Table XXIV-J, the material called "washed ore" being obtained by washing the clay from the fine ore